Boat booking and privacy policy

Here you will find information on how Kolumbus handles your personal information when you book boat tickets at

When you book boat tickets on, you are asked to provide customer information that we need to reserve a seat for the departure in question.


The purpose of registering and handling the personal datais to be able to fulfil our agreement with you. The information is also used to provide you with a proof of travel and to reserve a seat at your chosen departure. Furthermore, the information is used to be able to contact you if there are changes for you journey, and to be able to charge you for a reserved trip which is not performed.

This is what we handle

If you buy boat tickets online, we handle the following personal data:

Contact data such as name, address, cell phone number and e-mail address. In addition, we store information about ticket category, travel time, travel distance and payment method.

Legal basis

Legal basis for the handling of information mentioned above is that these are needed to fulfil the agreement with you (ref GDPR art. 6.1 letter b).

Access and use

The access to the customer and travel information is limited. We will not hand your information on to a third party as long as we are not ordered to so by public authorities.

Storing and deleting

You customer information is stored for up to 410 days in order to maintain you rights to complain to the Travel Complaint Handling Body. The deadline for complaining to this organ is at the latest one year after you have complained in writing to Kolumbus.

Your rights

When registered, you have a number of rights regarding privacy policy rules, including right to see and correct you personal data, data portability and deleting information stored about you.


Read more about you rights under the main page about privacy policy in Kolumbus.

Last updated : 20.09.2022