Ticket refunds

Have you bought a ticket you are unable to use? Here you can find information on how you can cancel the ticket and obtain a refund.

This is what you can get back

Activated and partially used tickets may be refunded. This is how much you may get:

  • Single tickets: Will not be refunded.
  • 24-hour tickets: Will not be refunded.
  • 7-day tickets: We will refund the remaining number of days.
  • 30-day tickets: We will refund the remaining number of days.
  • 365-day tickets: We will refund the remaining number of days based on the 300 days you have paid for, not the 365 days the ticket is valid for.
  • Travel money: We will refund what is left on the Kolumbus card for up to three years after the card is topped up

The refund is calculated from the day we receive the request for refund from you. Remember that you must pay a handling fee of 100 NOK for each refund you recieve. This means that if you for instance request a refund from two Kolumbus cards, there will be a 100 NOK fee for each card. If the remaining amount minus the fee is negative, you will not recieve a refund.

We do not claim a fee if the reason for refund is illness where a valid sick leave is shown. We do not refund the Kolumbus card itself if there are tickets on it that you wish refunded, but only the tickets.

Remember that the refund will go back the payment method used when purchasing the ticket/travel money. This is according to national and international rules concerning refunds.

When you may get a refund

  1. When you no longer will be travelling with us. If you for instance move, have a sick leave, change you travel pattern or have other reasons to request a refund.
  2. You have unused or inactive tickets. These are refunded for up to one year from the date of purchase. After that, the tickets are invalid and cannot be refunded or activated. We do not refund more than two non-activated monthly tickets or one non-activated annual ticket per customer during one year. In the event of a price change, pre-purchased tickets must be activated within three months of the price change taking effect.
  3. Travel money. Travel money is refunded for up to three years after being topped up on the travel card.

How to apply for a refund

Contact us via our contact form, call 177 or visit us at Byterminalen in Stavanger. Refunds are not paid out over the counter at Byterminalen.

Last updated : 27.08.2021