Kolumbus Card

Where can I buy the Kolumbus Card? Why is it important to write down the card number?


Where can I buy the Kolumbus Card?

Kolumbus Card without your name and birthdate:

  • Online. 
  • At ticket machines.
  • At our customer service centres.

Kolumbus Card with your name and birthdate:

  • Online. 
  • At our customer service centres.


The Kolumbus Card costs NOK 50.

We also offer the Mini Card, which is a paper card for limited-time use. You can buy the Mini Card in our customer service centres for NOK 5.

Why should I have my tickets on a Kolumbus Card?

If you keep your tickets on a Kolumbus Card, you avoid the extra fee which is added in the zone Nord-Jæren when paying your tickets on board. You also contribute to a smoother and quicker boarding which makes it easier for the drivers to stick to the timetable. The amount of cash on board is reduced, which reduces the chances of robbery.

What happens if I lose the Kolumbus Card or somebody steals it?

We can transfer the tickets from your Kolumbus Card if you are able to give us your Kolumbus Card's card number. If you register your Kolumbus Card in MinSide you will always have the card number by hand.

How do I block the Kolumbus Card?

If you previously have registered the card on MyPage, you can block the card there.

If the card is not registered on MyPage, you can contact our customer service centre via telephone (+47) 51 92 52 00 to block the lost Kolumbus Card. If you would like to transfer the balance on the Kolumbus Card, you need to show up in person at the customer service center and provide valid ID.

If you block your card, you cannot un-block it. 

If you don't have you Kolumbus Card number, you can find the card number on receipts from buying tickets on/with the Kolumbus Card. You can also find it in the web shop if you have used it there. If you do not have your Kolumbus Card number, it is unfortunately not possible for us to block it.

Can I have multiple tickets on the same Kolumbus Card?

Yes. The tickets are put in queue, ready to be activated when the active ticket expires.

  • If you use a period ticket like Period Pass, it might be useful to have some Travel Money on the Kolumbus Card to pay for travels where your Period Pass is not valid.
  • If you put several tickets, for example Youth Passes, on your Kolumbus Card, the pass(es) in queue will be activated the first time you use your card after the existing/active ticket has expired. This way you don't have to remember to buy a ticket every month.
  • If a ticket is not used within six months, it will be removed from the card. If your would like a refund, you need to bring the receipt for the ticket to our customer service centre and apply for a refund or apply for a refund online here.

Where can I use the Kolumbus Card?

Where to use the Kolumbus Card depends on the ticket you have on the card.  You can find more information here.

You can use the Kolumbus Card on all Kolumbus' routes with bus and boat: 

  • all local buses in Rogaland
  • express boats in Byøyene and Ryfylke
  • express ferry to Lysefjorden/Fisterøyene
  • ferry to Vassøy, Røvær and Utsira
  • On the local train between Stavanger and Egersund

How do I check the balance on the Kolumbus Card?

If you have topped up your Kolumbus Card with Travel Money, you can view the balance on the card in several ways:

  • If you have registered a specific travel distance, you will see the card balance in the display on the validator when buying a ticket.
  • If you buy a ticket from the driver or at a customer service centre, the balance is shown on your paper receipt.
  • You can ask the bus driver to check the balance on your card.
  • You can check the balance in the web shop. The balance in the web shop is not completely accurate, as there is a one day delay from using the card to the transaction(s) are registered in the back-end system.
  • The ticket vending machines are able to display the balance on your Kolumbus Card 

Can I transfer tickets between the ticket app and the Kolumbus card?

No, you can not transfer a ticket from your ticket app to your Kolumbus card or the other way around.

Last updated : 20.09.2022