After the summer of 2019, the first new city bikes will be launched in Rogaland. By the end of 2019, 750 electrical city bikes will be available from over 1400 charging stations all across Rogaland.

In due time, you will find more information on this page about

  • Map showing where the city bikes are parked
  • User manual
  • Tips and tricks

The new city bike is considerably improved compared to the old bike:

Included in the Kolumbus ticket

From the autumn of 2019, you do not need to set up a user profile to use the city bike. All you need is a valid ticket in the Kolumbus ticket app. As long as your ticket is valid, you can extract a bike from a charging statoin and use it for an hour. After that hour, each extra minute costs you 50 øre. If you are an employee of a HjemJobbHjem member company and you have registered you cell phone number in the ticket app, you can use the city bike even without a valid ticket.

More bikes on more locations

The first lauch of new bikes will sum up to about the same amount as today's amount of old bikes in Stavanger and Sandnes. Considering that several of the old bikes are in for repairs at any given time, effectively the number of available bikes will increase. We will roll out even more bikes by the end of the year, and within 2019 750 city bikes will be available from over 1400 charging stations spread across Rogaland.

Better bikes

The new city bike is better than the old bike. It has a stronger engine, so you will get more help when tackling the region's hills. It has a torque sensor, for a more comfortable start. And wihtout an expensive screen and several gears, it will be even more reliable and will need far fewer repairs than the old city bike.

Last updated : 25.06.2019